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Our Philosophy

I make an occasional breeding in an attempt to breed a puppy that will help to improve the breed. I hope to produce a puppy that I can show and use for breeding stock. I am a member of the Norwich and Norfolk Club of America and the Pug Dog Club of America. I look at structure not only for the breed ring but also in hopes to produce healthy puppies that can compete in agility and Earthdog without injury.

It is very important to me that my puppies become wonderful companions, either in the show ring or as beloved house pets. Any available puppies are usually sold at around 12 weeks. By that time they have all their puppy shots and have begun training. I make sure each puppy is clicker trained beginning at 4 weeks. Each pup learns sit, down, and how to walk on a leash. I expose my puppies to adults, children and crowds. Often they visit the local public Primary School for socialization before they go off to their new homes. Once they have shots, I will take the puppies out with me to training classes and activities.

Additionally, all my pups are trained to a litter pan of Purina Second Nature litter. As they grow, you can continue to use a litter box or have them use the outside. As they get older pups from my litters will go outside or use a box.


About Norfolk Terrier Puppies

Only a few people in the United States breed Norfolks and the litters are small, ranging from 1-4 puppies. This results in high prices and waiting lists often may be 6 months. Most of us breeders work together to insure our puppies go to the best home. If we don't have a puppy for you then we will try to help you locate a puppy from another reputable breeder. Please be aware of some puppy mills that sell “ Norfolk” puppies for top prices, are not reputable breeders. These puppies are actually mixtures of other terriers and will not grow up looking like a Norfolk.

Norfolk Agility


All of my pet Pug and Norfolk puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration. The limited AKC registration does allow you to show your dog in AKC performance events such as agility, rally, obedience and earth dog. Spayed and neutered dogs are much easier to train and housebreak. We believe that only dogs that are show and breeding stock should remain intact. Once my dogs finish their show and breeding experience, they too, are spayed.

I offer lifetime support for your pup. I want you to be happy with your new member of the family. Any pup residing in this area gets free training from me at no extra charge. If circumstances force an owner to give up a dog, I will gladly take the Norfolk and re home it for you.

Occasionally, I have a retired show dog available for adoption as well.

Breeding Stock

My Pug and Norfolk puppies have eyes exams at 8 weeks. I continue eye exams for my breeding stock. Additionally, my Norfolk’s hips are x rayed and I get color Doppler heart exams on my breeding stock.

Participate with dogs in CHIC program . For pugs breeding stock is tested for PDE, Cerf for eyes, OFA exam for patellas, and OFA for hips Norfolks-OFA patellas, CERF eye exam , and OFA doppler heart exam. Some of these exams have to be done after one year or two years of age.

Weekly Training Classes Available

I have weekly classes available for local owners. I will take a pug or Norfolk for a 1-week or two-week “Puppy University ” to teach or refresh training. Please contact me for further details.

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